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Knights of Gaming board gamers to kick off new year

Itís not just Monopoly at the Knights of Gaming board gameing club. The start of the season is on Saturday, August 20, and the club focuses on Eurogames, namely from Germany.

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The Knights of Gaming (KoG) board gaming club recently announced the start of their 2011-2012 season on Saturday, August 20. Doug Gray, the groupís founder, is excited about the new season getting under way. Thirty gamers attended at least one of the meetings last year, Gray said. Some had been gamers for years. Others were simply curious. No matter their experience, everyone enjoyed the gaming experience and the friendly atmosphere.

KoG was formed in 2009 to give area board gamers a chance to get together on a regular basis to play board and card games. The games played are Eurogames; board games imported from Europe, namely Germany. These are not the typical board games purchased at Walmart. Gray said participants will not find Monopoly or Sorry! at their events, but instead games like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic and other games.

When asked what his hopes were for the coming year, Gray said he would like to see the club consistently draw 25 players every month. He would also like to see some of the Amish community participate this year. They have been playing Settlers of Catan for years, but may not be familiar with the hundreds of other really fun strategy games coming out of Germany.

Because of the level of concentration the games require, only players 12 and older are allowed to attend. More than 300 games are available in the clubís game collection. Admission and membership are free. KoG meets the third Saturday of every month, from noon to 6 p.m. in the downstairs meeting room of the Holmes County Public Library. For more information, visit the KoG website at http://www.knightsofgaming.org.

Published: August 4, 2011
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