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FitzGerald reaches out to Tuscarawas County voters with campaign stop in New Philadelphia

Ed FitzGerald, Democratic gubernatorial candidate, made a stop in New Philadelphia Saturday, August 2 to meet local voters.

Scott Daniels

Approximately 30 supporters from Tuscarawas County were in place Saturday, August 2 at Democratic Party headquarters in New Philadelphia to welcome gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald during a campaign stop on his Hometown Tour to greet local voters. FitzGerald is the Democratic nominee seeking to unseat incumbent Ohio Gov. John Kasich in the November 4 general election.

Tuscarawas County Commissioner Belle Everett introduced FitzGerald and said in opening remarks that she wanted to “Talk about the challenges faced by Tuscarawas County residents because of the policies of Gov. Kasich.” She spoke of what she saw as the withdrawal of state funding for local community services. “The governor has taken away funding for Ohio local governments, resulting in the service and safety workers being put out of their jobs.”

“After an election, once someone is in office, you see their true colors and learn what their real top priorities are,” FitzGerald said. “Gov. Kasich’s top priority after assuming office in January 2011 was to take away the rights of local governments in managing their own affairs. Over and over again, [Kasich] shows his priorities. We’ve never had an Ohio governor who took money out of the local economy to balance the state budget, ever, no matter how far back you look.”

FitzGerald went on to list previous Ohio governors of both parties for 50 years. “No Ohio Governor has ever said, ‘I’m going to balance my budget by unbalancing everybody else’s,’” FitzGerald said. He said local governments have to have balanced budgets. “We have to be in the black, either by cutting spending or raising revenue. But Kasich found a third way to balance the state budget by withdrawing funding from local communities.”

“Personal property taxes across the state have gone through the roof,” FitzGerald said. FitzGerald spoke of Gov. Kasich sponsoring tax cuts for upper level income earners.

FitzGerald outlined his travel itinerary and asked supporters to help him in Tuscarawas County in his absence as he makes campaign stops around Ohio. “You’ll be here when I can’t. Talk to people about local services in Tuscarawas County that have lost funding to Columbus.”

“Gov. Kasich said, ‘If firefighters are so badly off, why are they still putting out fires?” said FitzGerald. He said he found the Governor’s point of view to be “callous” and said, “Of course firefighters are still fighting fires; that is what they are sworn to do. But staffing levels, training and equipment are another matter.”

If successful in the fall election, FitzGerald promised “a state government that really starts funding the important work of local communities. Not just in large cities, but in places like Tuscarawas County where most people live.”

Published: August 4, 2014
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