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Berlin Pajama Party brightens the morning of shoppers for 18th year

Shoppers happily await the grand opening of Country Craft Cupboard’s doors at 6 a.m., signifying the start of the annual Berlin Pajama Party Day events. Once inside the store, they are greeted with 40 percent savings across the board.


Put on your PJs.

Jump into your jammies.

Fire up the flannels.

And haul yourself to Berlin for the annual Berlin Pajama Party Jan. 31.

What began as a fun way for Country Craft Cupboard to move some of its year-end inventory has become one of the only sales a person can attend without getting out of their sleepwear.

“Every year we have people come into the store and show off the PJs,” said Karen Lamp, owner of Country Craft Cupboard. “I think each year the pajamas are getting more colorful and wild. We've seen some pretty unique outfits.”

Lamp said she remembers one customer proudly sticking her leg up on the counter to show off her new slippers, which she had bought specifically for that moment.

The Pajama Party was a creation of Lamp, who wanted a reason for patrons to visit the area in the middle of winter. It worked, and is now in its 18th year.

The line usually begins to form around 4 a.m., and oftentimes winds around the store on the east side. When the doors open the day of the event at 6 a.m., a long line of patrons rushes in for sales. “It is pretty interesting to watch it take place,” said Eli Hochstetler, president of the Berlin Main Street Merchants. “It's a great way to brighten up the winter here in Berlin.”

Everything in the store is up for grabs—a whopping 40 percent off—and everything is first-come, first-served.

Last year saw a wicked bit of cold and snow pummel the area the day of the sale, but not even that kept buyers away.

“We have people who mark this on their calendar each year and make an event of it,” said Lamp. “It's big savings, and a lot of people do their shopping for the entire year on this day.”

While the shopping could make people grumpy, it never does. It seems as though these pajamafied shoppers are of the most congenial sort. Many folks meet old friends they see only once a year. They wait in line, catch up or make new acquaintances.

Country Craft Cupboard has done so much business on this pajama-filled day that Lamp decided to hold a sale of 25 percent the day before, for those not wanting to battle traffic.

In addition to the savings, patrons can also play a role in helping others.

By bringing in winter clothing or new diapers, which are donated to Every Woman's House, patrons will receive a coupon for 25 percent off a single shopping trip at Country Craft Cupboard from Feb. 1 to April 30. “It's been a neat addition because people get to save a lot, and still help out others,” said Lamp.

After the patrons are done at Country Craft Cupboard, they can continue shopping at other participating stores, which open their doors one hour later at 7 a.m.

The Berlin Pajama Party is a fun day, almost game-like in the search for savings. Yet it is cordial and enjoyable, as patrons have shown that there can be order to the chaos that ensues.

Published: January 23, 2015
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