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The clearly marked path of the most defiant

Iím rebellious, sword drawn and ready for battle. My skin is thickened by years of gathering my loose threads and settling in defiantly. I canít pinpoint when I became aware of this, but I like this version of me. Tempest-tossed and a challenge on my lips, I used to believe that I was a follower of things and people, leaning on the knowledge that someone else would take care of what I should know and care about. After examining my past I now know that I wasnít a follower; I just cared too much what people thought of me.

Was I cool enough? Were my clothes trendy enough? Did I look stupid when I opened my mouth and words came out?

Instead of being confident I chose to let others define me and what I believed. When I sift through those years, distant and blurry, I want to grab hold of who I was at sixteen and shake her gently for just a little bit. I would take her by the hand and show her that she had the defiance in her then, just like I do now.

Defiance: marked by resistance or bold opposition, as to authority; challenging. Rebellion or defiance, what do you think of when you say them? I would say the opposite of them is to fall in line and not make waves or to live a rather unchallenging life. Thatís not to say I donít follow the rules when necessary but breaking them can be a life-altering experience. If we all walk with the same cadence, never breaking rank or file, our world would be a lot less interesting. I think of the dreamers, creators and innovators that live and breathe that spark of difference. They grab it and blow, growing the fire taller and taller until it canít be extinguished. Too often we settle, and day after day we walk that long, boring trail that leads us safely to the end of our earthly time. I wanted the road less taken, the one with rocks and crags and countless holes that make you bounce out of your seat and land on your rump. That road is still out there for you, and instead of posting a quote about it, how about you swerve steeply and start living it?

I remember a paper we were assigned to write in English class somewhere around my sophomore year. It was on love and involved a couple living in ancient Rome. The man was to be fed to the lions in a coliseum, and we were to write about how the circumstances played out. I loved English class, as well as writing, so my thoughts went to different scenarios. I believe that defiance was always in me as I didnít go for the typical ending, the one Iím sure the teacher expected everyone to write. The next day in class she read several papers aloud and mine was included. I cringed inwardly, worried about what everyone would think. My ending, fantastical and solely mine, drew groans and rolled eyes. I sunk down in my seat and wished I had changed it to go along with the flow of everyone else.

Just imagine if I had gone along with the sameness of thought though. Creativity would have been stifled, and that line, that straight, straight line wouldíve stayed rigid forever. I choose rebellion and defiance. I want to question, challenge and push to see if thereís another way of doing things. I donít want to be told ďthatís how itís doneĒ because I know that not to be true. Thereís always another way, one that involves hiking deep spaces that are way off the safe path. So the question that would remain is this: If things are done differently than the ďnorm,Ē does that mean theyíre wrong? Are new thought processes a ďrebellious way of thinkingĒ or are they ground-breaking? You decide.

Published: May 25, 2016
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