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The current status of what’s been filling up my weeks

It seems I’ve run out of words this morning. Coffee sipping and the sun slowly coloring the sky to the east is giving me nothing to work with. I am relaxed today, looking at my hours with a rose-colored lens and deciding what’s important and what’s not.

I’m ahead of the game with my perennial garden and lawn care this year, so I can sit back and enjoy what’s blooming today. I’m awaiting my abundance of lilies to start opening their sleepy heads and spread cheer. I have many colors, and I never remember which plant is which until all of a sudden it’s a riot of pale yellows, rich maroons or a riotous orange, which I love.

I’ve dropped airs of having a perfectly manicured garden and lawn. In my dreams this exists. For now I’ll enjoy what my hands tend to and stare admirably at the tiny container plantings I’ve created as well. My container gardening theme this year is a nod to Prince, the purple one, who passed away several months ago. His songs were the sound track to my youth, so if you go by my house and see nothing but purple blooming riotously in my pots, Prince is my inspiration. RIP.

I have one child at home this summer, my middle, Selena. The other two are living in their various cities. We’ve been chatting about life, eating good foods and she’s succeeded in prying me off of this chair I write in several days a week to take up walking on the trail. She runs; I walk.

This is no small task, but the fresh air off the trail in the mornings has awakened my senses, and last week I even ran the last quarter mile. I repeat that to myself because “running” and “Missy” are startled to be in the same sentence. Thanks for the good pair of Nikes, Hunter. You must have known something.

We’ve been scouring sales and shops for new patio furniture that doesn’t break the bank. Our back patio has been a place we love to sit, but it needs a face-lift pronto. We found some after diligent and frustrating searching, and now orange cushions greet me as we sink into the coolest chairs ever, which cost very little.

It takes persistence to find the goods, but I never give up when it comes to finding a deal. Never let the big box stores tell you to pay three times what something is worth. I hauled my treasures home in two trips and set them up carefully on the patio. Our exterior tables were a sorry sight, so George did a makeover on some of them. He is a wizard with transformation, and now my tables look like they came out of Pottery Barn.

My oldest daughter Esabelle and her boyfriend Tyler trek home to stay for a bit. They’re attending a music festival in Michigan called Electric Forest. Summer to me is the kids sitting on the back patio and having a fire blazing in the pit. No matter how long they’re here, I cherish each second of chaos and commotion as it goes back to silence all too quickly. The garden, lawn and seating areas are all ready to greet the prodigals as is my heart.

I’ll leave you here. The words, many and light, have found their way onto my screen and now to dive into my week.

Published: July 5, 2016
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