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When our words have lost their peace

A wise person I know said this to me recently, “There’s no peace in our words anymore.” I sifted the heaviness in this statement and found it to be true. My life is a busy whirlwind and keeping my head above water can be difficult. I seek places of solace and silence where the din of the world is muffled for however many minutes I can keep it at bay. But the words and racket of the blue sphere we rotate on, the swath that is our home, have become increasingly bothersome. The phrase “devoid of love” comes to my mind, and I look inward to see what I might do to change this trend.

I love word games. Scrabble, Boggle or Bananagrams — they are mixed bags of letters meant to form cohesive words to win points. I believe we’ve forgotten how to do this today, to carefully choose each letter and make a good word count. There are certain spaces I feel set upon by the verbiage that is forcefully thrust into the air around us and wonder if the meaning of words are carefully considered before being used.

Most disheartening is the language we now use for groups instead of issues. Our words are stacked up in a ready-to-use pile aimed with a poison arrow for the people involved instead of the topic or problem. Things that might be solved with the use of good words and compassion are now lost in a mishmash that no longer looks like beneficial discourse. We’re a repetitive people, parroting words that injure instead of words that might lead to a path of healing. We’ve lost the art of researching and gaining knowledge on a subject and instead react by using oft-repeated strings of prose that belittle and seem mindless.

I believe that there are healthy ways of debating when the use of smartly crafted sentences stir up a heady mix of intoxicating conversation. I’m a nonconfrontational person. I avoid it like the plague. But a rush of adrenaline when you can sense an exchange of words will be tempered and civil — words chosen and not thrown — this is what I aim for. We must debate and discuss to test and examine a thing. This is good. But our loss of tact and love saddens me, and I can only hope that the words we use thoughtlessly can be redeemed at some later date.

I have found there to be no peace in many of the words I see today. If you protest something with carefully crafted words, you are troublemaker. If you share memes that degrade and call people names, then you are utilizing your freedom of speech. We are divided by words that cut and slice and have forgotten love for our fellow man.

Today I will type on my keyboard, piecing together letters and grammar to form paragraphs. If my words cut instead of heal, then I am not doing my job as a writer. If I divide instead of connect, nothing of what I say will be read smoothly, and I become misunderstood, my words a jumble of distorted characters. Bringing hard truths to light with a mix of laboriously chosen words is necessary. Being a bully isn’t. Words matter; choose them wisely.

Published: August 31, 2016
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