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When lowering your standards really means being content

Pinterest has blown up the world and become a monstrous Google, a place to look up and find the answers to all things. How do I clean hard water stains off my glass shower door? Check Pinterest. It has all the answers plus more to what vinegar and baking soda can do for you. I found that I have 2.3K followers, garnered over many years of pinning quotes and room colors and delicious desserts. Itís quite bewildering really because my home contains no Pinterest-made projects, simply sturdy corners and lived-in charm. I smile to myself.

If you look hard enough, youíll see trim that needs caulking and walls that need dusted. Youíll also find thrifted items that blend seamlessly into the fabric of what our home is: a tapestry found in a big city Goodwill hung from our bedroom window as a treatment or a pretty red Persian rug snagged for $3 and thrown down in the kitchen.

Our daughter carted away our big shag-area rug in the living room for her dorm, and now an empty spot spreads over that space. Iíll fill it someday, but Iím not in any hurry to do so. My shelves are lined with used books Iíve gleaned over the years, separated into sections of interest along with heavy gold bookends I picked up at a garage sale. The shelves look haphazard and beloved, painted this year a warm teal ó mixed from leftover paint ó after being a rather boring tan for many years.

We donít get things done and immediately perfected in our home. We prefer to live in it and not be afraid to let it get dirty or be unfinished. When youíre constantly struggling for a dazzling display of home, it can make you crazy. Iíve talked before of projects that need done, and theyíre still not done: new TV stand replete with new bookshelves on each side, sleek and modern; new porch posts to fit the front of the house; renovation of my bedroom closet; laundry room painted so the patches disappear.

You see thereís always something to be done, but instead of gnashing of teeth, I let what I want mellow and settle. By the time we start the project, the details have fallen into place, and George begins his magic.

Last weekend we had a lazy Saturday. We turned on the TV and fell into an eight-hour marathon of the show ďRehab AddictĒ with Nicole Curtis. Mesmerized as the couch accepted our tired bodies, we watched hour after hour, involved in her rehabs of decrepit, tantalizing homes bought for a song. She buys foreclosed homes, houses that are condemned, and others. If we were to redo our home and could choose anyone to help, it would be her.

Iím not much for some current home shows where itís the same formula week in and week out. It all blurs together in a mind-numbing mix of wood and granite. But Nicole is different. She stays true to the bones of the house and saves and reuses anything she takes out of it. She uses whatís available, thrifts and salvages others, and buys some new things when necessary. To me it never looks perfect and sanitized for todayís standards. Itís a home that can be lived in and shows its age with pride.

Give me a cactus in an art deco planter I picked up for 25 cents every single day. Give me a home where I can feel content and able to sit for eight hours without thinking I have to clean or rearrange something. Give me a soft spot and a loved one beside me in a home that doesnít scream to be perfected, and Iíll show you what bliss is. Pinterest standards be banished.

Published: October 3, 2016
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