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Saltcreek Township Trustees ask voters to approve Issue 16

Dear Editor,

The Saltcreek Township Trustees ask voters in Holmes County to vote yes on Issue 16, a .25 percent increase to the county’s sales tax. This quarter of a percent increase would be for five years. All the proceeds from this increase will be designated to maintain and improve the 250 miles of county roads in Holmes County. This .25 percent increase in the sales tax would make up for lost revenue from other sources that have occurred over recent years. In addition it would allow the many tourists who shop, eat and stay here to help pay for the roads they use.

Approving Issue 16 will allow the crumbling roads in Holmes County to be repaired. Under the direction of county engineer Chris Young a plan is in place to repair and resurface half of the county’s highways in the next five years if this .25 percent sales tax is approved.

The Saltcreek Township Trustees urge you to approve Issue 16 on Nov. 8.


Bruce Stambaugh, president

Clifford Kandel, vice president

Steve Schlabach, trustee

Saltcreek Township, Holmes County

7261 TR 604, Millersburg, OH 44654

Published: October 17, 2016
New Article ID: 2016710179970