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Ring those bells: Election season is finally over

I feel like I ran a marathon, and I am distinctly not a runner. But the past 18 months ó 18 months ó of this election season has worn me out to the core. I followed every step, every tweet and every debate, giving it more attention than it deserved. As I type this, itís the day before election day. I donít know if my future self is happy or sad, but I know that all will be well because I make the choice for it to be.

Do you know how happy I am that this process is over? Happy enough that I may just break out the Christmas carols early. Thatís a big gasp you heard from my kids in their various parts of the country. Bells may not ring in my house until Thanksgiving leftovers have been digested. I canít count the times Iíve written on my annoyance with the dragging out of carols and finery Nov. 1, actual Christmas trees being assembled with all the frippery and frockery.

But this year this just may be the one. I feel a celebration coming on from the inside. Election hangover be banished, and to show it, I may just climb upstairs and head into the closet on the east side of my house. There Iíll find boxes of lights, tangles of baubles and bangles, and a cozy manger scene in disarray. Jesus is usually hanging from the rafters of the stable while the wise men are partying it up down below, and they might make an early entrance and get a reprieve while traveling from afar.

Bless those who put up their lights outside while the weather was beautiful and warm. I nod my head at you for your forethoughts and wish I would have done the same. I do different things with my lights every single year. Some years the railing is wrapped in lights, and some years itís not. This year the railing is gone, and beautiful new porch posts stand alone, my husband having built them for me. Maybe Iíll string lights between them, gracefully swaying in the breeze.

I long to be the house with a blow-up Santa on my roof, tip-toeing over to the chimney while the reindeer chill behind him. That may never happen unless you can get my husband to break out his air compressor and find his way to the roof; I wonít hold my breath. But you will see softly glowing candles in my windows, maybe a wreath on the trellis outside, and fresh pine nestled in whatever containers I have available.

Over the years I have compiled a pretty impressive inventory of Christmas decorations, mostly gleaned from thrift stores. Iíve bought and sold them throughout my married life, always knowing that I can find something else next time Iím scouring the shelves at the local junk shop. This way I never tire of the decorations I have because thereís always some new bauble for 50 cents to be found.

Last week I haunted the aisles at our local store, picking up a festive tablecloth and vintage napkins that Iíll break out when the kids arrive home this December. I also bought a stocking for our cat to be hung alongside the others because she is officially a part of the family.

Endings can bring wrought emotions, and this election season has been a wild one. But if the end of it finds me rolling out the yuletide blessings early, then you know there will be peace on earth for a long time to come; because if it did anything, it performed a Christmas miracle.

Come on ring those bells.

Published: November 14, 2016
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