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Life-altering results by learning the truth about healing

Let me tell you about Eva.

Eva has a story you need to know, but I will get to her story in a minute.

I had the pleasure of meeting Eva this week, but I felt like I knew her before I met her because I had heard so much about her from my friends Gary and Marie.

I met Gary and Marie this summer at church, and we bonded almost instantly because we all share a passion for healing. Like me, they had grown up never hearing about healing, and they believed, like so many, that God had the power to heal, but it was up to him who got healed and who didn’t.

But then Marie got sick. She experienced severe neck and shoulder pain that would not go away even through chiropractic treatment, shots of Botox and any means imaginable of trying to relieve the pain and loosen those tight muscles. Her pain was virtually unbearable, leaving her unable to work or do basically anything except be confined to her chair.

Gary was forced to work all day and then do everything around the house because Marie was not capable of doing anything. This sickness affected their whole family.

It got to a point where Gary cried out and said, “This cannot be God’s will for our lives.” Not having heard anything his whole life about divine healing, he began to intensely search the internet about it, hoping there was more to healing than what they were experiencing. As he searched, a certain book kept coming up, a book I mentioned last week by T.L. Osborn titled “Healing the Sick.”

So Gary ordered the book in hopes it would provide deeper insight into their situation.

When the book came and Gary started reading it, he was surprised at the truths he found in it. Although at first he read it with a bit of a skeptical mind, that soon changed as the truth of God’s word and Jesus’ sacrifice resonated within him. It wasn’t just Osborn’s opinion. The book was full of scriptures about healing, many of the scriptures that Gary had read his whole life but never had revelation of what they truly meant. He took the time to look up every scripture and the context to see if Osborn was taking the scriptures out of context, but he wasn’t.

As Gary read, faith and indignation both rose up inside of him as he thought, “Why haven’t we been taught these truths that are in the Bible? We have been in church our whole lives and never heard these things. People need to hear the truth.”

As many of you married people know, sometimes when we try to push our spouses on an issue, that can turn them off, so after Gary read the book, he just casually sat the book by Marie’s chair one day before he left for work and said, “You might want to read that book. It is really good.”

Well, because Marie was confined to the chair all day by herself, she picked up the book and read it while Gary was at work. When he got home, he could see she was both shocked and excited as well by the truths she found in the book.

Marie kept reading, and as she read the scriptures revealed in the book, revelation came of what they truly meant, and faith began rising up in her. After all “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” — Romans 10:17.

Although faith was rising up in her, she had an internal, spiritual struggle because of all the wrong teaching she had over the years. She realized she would believe what one of her good friends would tell her but had trouble believing what God told her through his word.

It was a constant battle of her renewing her mind to what the scriptures said versus what she felt in her body. Although the enemy tried to stop her with his lies (remember he is called the father of lies in John 8:34), she got to a place where she recognized his lies and chose to believe God instead.

And you know what happened? She was healed. It wasn’t an instant healing, but as she got rid of all the junk and believed the truth, it eventually manifested into a full-blown healing of her body.

Their lives were radically changed by hearing the truth, and Gary said, “We can’t just sit on this information. We need to tell people.”

God has put it on their hearts to share with others, like Eva. Oh, I didn’t get to Eva’s story did I? I will next week. Stay tuned.

If you have a healing story to share, Amber can be reached at amberdeemiller32@gmail.com or through her AmberRiceMiller Facebook page.

Published: December 19, 2016
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