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Waving goodbye and not looking back

Iím not sure what to say about 2016 except that itís over. Tucked away. Done. It held many good things and many frustrations, and glossy words could never cover it all, so I wonít try. What I will do is make my annual list of what I did learn this year, though losing Prince and George Michael in one year is making me sad as I reflect. It lets me see how short the time is as I creep through my days filled with many happenings:

óI worked on the novel and am in the final stages of completing it. Iíve been stuck on the ending for many, many months, and I realize what I need to do to untangle it. Overthinking it does nothing but create angst, so my knot-working fingers are ready to type the last sentence.

óMy daughterís clothing business, based in South Florida, took off like a shot last year. I now work from home for her, doing many things sheís too busy to do. I love the flexibility of being able to work from home, and adding her to my bevy of clients has been a big change but a good one. Is it weird to work for your child? No, because we raised her to do big things, and if I can help her on the way up, I will.

óWe only had one child at home this past summer. That was a big change and a learning experience for me. Each one that leaves permanently takes a tiny part of your soul but also teaches you to reach for those goals for which you keep waiting to achieve. That voice inside your head that says, ďWell, Iíll do that when all the kids are gone,Ē just say no to that idea and keep reaching. If you donít start right now ó not when the timing is perfect ó youíll never finish.

óI learned that jobs and seasons are an intricate ebb and flow and that attitude is everything when dealing with them. The script is flipped throughout our lives, and rolling with it or reinventing yourself is the way to go. I would never have imagined that Iím doing what I am now, compared to twenty years ago, but that is how things change. ďNecessity is the mother of invention,Ē itís been quoted, and redefining yourself is just another step toward yourself.

óIíve learned that people can and will surprise you. My own thought process can take on many things and has evolved over the years, now finely honed and cohesive. There was a time I believed that my thoughts werenít as relevant as others, not as educated, but that comes from not believing in yourself and what you know to be true. No one can write nor tell your story quite like you can; no one gets to tell you what youíve been through is imaginary. Iíve bound my stories up, written in bold ink, and they are what keep the steps of my life ó before and now ó sane and neat. If what I hold closely ó in thought and deed ó surprises you, then Iíve done my job of not falling in cadence with the norm.

óIíve learned that when itís darkest, seek the light. 2016 was a year filled with things that enraged, delighted, frustrated and made me lose sight of things only to regain them. I would say it was a typical year, but it wasnít; it tried me and honed me sharp as a bone. But as I always do, I reflect on the days I spent in it, the days I loved and made good food and read nourishing books. I relish the time spent with my husband who never wavers even when we feel the seconds creeping up on us. I take that strength and wrap it around me as a cloak, regal and ready, and look to 2017 as a new fire to sharpen me even further.

Published: January 2, 2017
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