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How we spend time is determined by what we find most important

Congratulations to some of you who have been drawn for limited entry tags this fall and are shoring up your plans for this hunting season. If you missed out, there’s plenty of places to hunt either by landowner tags, which can get a bit pricey, or simply by finding an area that has open public hunting with over-the-counter tags.
Even though public hunting areas can get a bit crowded, I have seen some great trophies come out of these areas if the hunter is willing to do some research. Call the Natural Resources Department of the state you are interested in and ask for suggestions.

Speaking of resources, one that seems to slip away from us as we get older is time. How we spend it is usually determined by what we find most important in our lives.

First, let’s eliminate the basics. Consider an average person lives to age 75. If this person sleeps 8 hours a day, that’s 25 years already spent. If a person must work to earn a living, as most of us do, and they work a 40-hour week from age 20-65, this takes another 10-plus years in time.
I know some of you have more than one job, and 40 hours is just a dream on Bob, but you’ll get the point. Take into account other basic needs: eating, driving and such. And welcome to the real world, the cell phone, smart phone, iPad and computer.

What we do with our “free time” in America falls into the category of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." No matter what stage in life you are or even what your financial status is, your personal priorities determine how you spend your leisure time. That is/has been the theme of this Someday column: pursuing your dreams while you still have time and health.
In consideration of this I’ve placed our remaining time into three categories from least to most fulfilling.
First is fun/recreation, travel, sports and such. I’m talking to the couch potato who has the 80-inch big-screen TV with surround sound, to the millionaire who travels the world on his yacht, to the Wednesday night bowling leaguer, to the fan at the Super Bowl. We enjoy time with friends and loved ones at our own pace, doing the things we enjoy. My main problem is that I would like to try a little of everything. 

Second is family. Once again, I understand that everyone’s story is different. Parents, cherish your children as they are a gift from God. Time, attention and love is what they seek. They don’t stay little very long, and before you know it, they’re adults. Children, respect and honor your parents as they too, in time, age and pass on too soon. In our family we always tried to make vacations and family time special, and we raised three amazing girls. 

Third is faith. We have a very jealous God, who through his Son gave us a most amazing opportunity to rejoin him after this life is over. He asks and deserves our time, our energy, our all. Spend time with him in all you do, keeping the path of communication open to allow him to guide your life. There is no greater reward than this. 

I guess these are more reasons why hunting is so special to me: It’s a lot of fun and rewarding, spending time with my wife as we prepare for each journey, facing the challenges that we talked about, sharing the stories and bounty of the harvest with family and friends, and last but not least allowing God to speak to me through his creation and the opportunity to witness through our contacts and this column.

A good friend passed away a short while ago. Around his neck he wore a cross fashioned from the screws that held his body together after an accident, honoring God for his healing.
After his example I put on a corded necklace every morning around my neck, bearing a cross made from synthetic rifle stock, remembering to give thanks for the things we have done and the places we’ve been.
God Bless.

Published: July 17, 2017
New Article ID: 2017170719976