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Reader equates North Korea to 1930s Germany

Letter to the Editor:
Every day more headlines are created about the North Korean missile launches and more still about the possibility of another one. Some are screaming for the United States to attack, and others call for more diplomatic talks.
People harshly criticize President Trump for continuing to pressure North Korea with strong military exercises and increased sanctions. With multiple headlines and different groups screaming for one’s attention and support, how do we know if America and President Trump are heading in the right direction with the Korean situation?
Several years ago there was a situation very similar to this one. It happened in Europe in the 1930s. Germany had been severely limited militarily after World War l. All that changed when Adolf Hitler came to power around 20 years later.
Germany broke their peace treaties, conducted large military exercises and rebuilt their navy far beyond the imposed guidelines. Instead of bowing to Great Britain, France and the United States, she began to treat them as equals, threatening them with her military might. And while still as strong as Germany, these nations bowed to her wishes, giving Germany more land, people and resources.
Everything came crashing down on Sept. 1, 1939, when Germany invaded Poland, starting one of the largest and most devastating wars the world has ever seen.
America is in nearly the same position today. North Korea has overridden bans and broken peace treaties. They are equipping themselves militarily and are fighting to be treated as an equal among world powers.
Whereas 30 years ago they were the poor northern half of Korea that was left behind in the Korean War, today they are held as a massive threat, same as Germany all those years ago. So instead of trying to decide what should be done, why not decide what should be done differently?
The primary reason Germany was able to force the world powers of the day to give them the resources and strategic advantages they needed to overwhelm the entire European Peninsula was peace.
No one wanted to risk fighting another war. And yet this mentality became their downfall into a larger war. Trump’s continued military exercises and presence on the Korean Peninsula are nearly the exact opposite of what was done in Germany’s situation, but he risks starting a new war even faster.
Our nation just came out of the war in Iraq. Why should we even risk possibly fighting North Korea after nearly a decade of war reports, the loss of millions of dollars and long tallies of lost lives?
Because today affects tomorrow. It affects our children and grandchildren. Standing up today will prevent fighting larger battles tomorrow. America can’t ignore the problem and just hope it goes away or only talk about it and never take action.
We need to stand behind President Trump and his decision not to give any ground on the Korean Peninsula. Because instead of just pushing the situation further out, Trump is confronting the issue.
He is standing up for the United States. Ultimately President Trump is doing something different than what was done before, which will bring about a different result, and we need to support him.
Rachel Raber

Published: November 13, 2017
New Article ID: 2017171109901