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Millersburg Lions Club brightens up downtown Millersburg for the holiday season

Members of the Millersburg Lions Club gathered in Historic Downtown Millersburg on Sunday, Nov. 5 to erect the Christmas lights that will adorn the downtown area throughout the holiday season.

Dave Mast

While Christmas may be more than a month away, the Millersburg Lions Club has done its part in ushering in the feel-good warmth of the holiday season with its annual Historic Downtown Millersburg street decorations day.
More than one-dozen members congregated in town on Sunday, Nov. 5 to help put up lights and install the luminescent snowflakes that now adorn Jackson Street and head south on Washington Street near the center of town.
According to Millersburg Lions Club member Frank Arnold, the annual club decorations have been going on for more than two decades as they do their part to instill the magical feeling of Christmas to the downtown area.
“We try to be creative and come up with new ways of making the downtown area look festive for the Christmas season,” Arnold said. “We started a long time ago with the larger C-7 Christmas lights, and then we wanted to try to be more frugal with the electricity bill, even though we weren’t paying for the electricity, so we went to the smaller lights. Then we went with colored lights a number of years ago, and folks said they liked the white lights better, so we went back to that a couple years ago. It’s always a challenge to find something creative that looks nice and adds to the feel of the downtown area.”
The group opted to add LED snowflakes to the old-fashioned lamp posts that line Historic Downtown Millersburg. Those black matte lamp posts are wrapped in red ribbon and then with lights, and with the small trees donning small white lights, it makes for a pretty seasonal picture at night.
It is not an easy undertaking, but with the work of many Lions, it gets done in good time.
What kind of an effect can these lights have on people? Arnold said he spoke with the city safety director in New Philadelphia, which creates a similar look to Millersburg. She noted that people were calling in complaining that it was too dark once the lights were taken down after the holidays, so these Christmas lights certainly can create an aura that helps draw people to town and promotes the Christmas spirit.
“You won’t notice it as much during the day, but when night falls, it really adds to the feel around town,” Arnold said. “We take a lot of pride in being able to create this kind of an atmosphere, and the Lions have made a commitment to serving this community.”
While they had a ball and shared plenty of laughs ribbing each other as they put up the decorations, what the club does is crucial to many people who benefit from their services.
Adding to the glowing serenity of Historic Downtown Millersburg is the lit courthouse, which shines brightly at night, thanks to a concerted effort by the Lions Club to light up the courthouse and the old jail located at the main square in downtown.
The Lions Club helped generate nearly $20,000 for that project, and now not only does it bring a stunning presence during the evening hours, but also it creates a safer downtown area that is more brightly lit.
“We are a community-based organization that is filled with people who love being an active part of their community,” Arnold said.
Whether it is creating a better way of life for people suffering from diabetes, providing eye glasses to families in need, serving in a hunger-relief capacity, helping with environmental issues or serving the community in a host of other ways, the Millersburg Lions Club continues to be a vital part of serving the Millersburg community.

Published: November 14, 2017
New Article ID: 2017171109898