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January sees local businesses step in to support H15

Drywalling, painting and a host of other tasks will be on the agenda as H15 Ministries continues to near its opening date. A number of area businesses stepped up and provided much-needed assistance in January.


While the winter months may drag for a lot of area businesses and organizations that depend on the tourism trade to drive the economy, that is not the case for H15 Ministries as it continues to drive toward opening its doors later this year.
January saw plenty of work taking place in the buildings located in downtown Millersburg, and the youth center continues to take shape, thanks in large part to the commitment and support of area businesses.
“Spring is coming, and things will be coming to life soon,” said Andy Schafer, executive director of H15 Ministries. “I feel that God has poised us to come to life as well with the coming of spring. Things have been moving along so quickly, and we are seeing more and more progress. I have done my share of being overly optimistic in the past, but I really feel that we are just a few months away from being able to open.”
According to Schafer, H15 received a generous donation at the beginning of the month that allowed him to order the product needed for the ceiling as well as the facility’s trim package. He said Yoder Lumber, while unable to donate the entire package, made an amazing deal for what was needed, and Schafer believes it should be done and shipped to the finish shop in the next couple weeks.
“I can’t wait to see what a change it will make as we begin to install it,” Schafer said.
Another local business, Holmes Redimix, delivered the concrete block and supplies that were needed to close up the openings between the first floors of the two buildings. Holmes Redimix delivered a total of 320 twelve-inch blocks that had to be moved inside by hand. As has been the case in the past, volunteers materialized to take care of that chore.
“That evening several young guys showed up for the work night and made short work of it,” Schafer said. “I want to say a big thank you to Buddy and Holmes Redimix for their willingness to help us with this project.”
H15 Ministries also got a huge boost when Schafer visited with Kerry Taylor at Millersburg Electric. Taylor allowed Schafer to pore through a mountain of extra light fixtures and told him to take anything he could use. That turned out to be a huge blessing.
“We came back with a whole truckload of fixtures that will pretty much have phase one finished and give us some to use as we move into phase two,” Schafer said. “Thank you so much to Kerry and Millersburg Electric for their generosity.”
While the changes continue to take place, it wasn’t all work and no play for the ministry. Schafer said the H15 board members had the great pleasure of being part of the Prom Dress Fashion Show that has become an annual tradition at Save & Serve Thrift Shop.
“We had 12 girls who modeled dresses, and it was standing room only for the show,” Schafer said. “I haven't heard the total sales yet, but I know I saw several girls carrying dresses out with them. Thanks to Save & Serve Thrift Shop.”
Save & Serve has generously donated half of the proceeds from the event to H15 Ministries, and Schafer said the hope is that the show will find a new home in the near future.
“We are planning to be able to host the show at the center next year and are looking forward to making it an annual event there from then on,” he said.
Inside, volunteers continue to be the driving force behind the progression, and many area youth are taking part. Because of that, Schafer said they are giving the teens some say in what the facility will look like.
The majority of the work continues to be the project of having drywall hung and finished with the walls nearly ready for a new paint job.
“It is amazing the change it makes when you begin to see color going up on the walls,” Schafer said. “We are letting some of the teens that have been involved in the renovations help with choosing colors, so it is looking pretty cool in ways I wouldn’t have chosen myself but am really enjoying. No more boring plain drywall for us. We’re getting some pizzazz.”
The tentative work schedule for the month of February includes Mondays, Feb. 12, 19 and 26 from 5-8 p.m.; Thursday, Feb. 22 from 5-8 p.m.; and Saturdays, Feb. 17 and March 3 from 9 a.m. to noon.
Financially, Schafer said that thanks to a large donation H15 received a couple weeks ago, they were able to take care of the couple specific items they needed for phase one. However, there is still plenty of need as the ministry moves forward, ranging from small incidentals that crop up to the $180,000 needed to purchase the buildings themselves. Schafer said they are still a long way from having enough monthly commitments to cover monthly bills.
While the day-to-day challenges and operational expenses continue, Schafer said they have never allowed any doubt to sneak in as to the value and ministry that will be created once they open their doors to area teens.
“I want to never forget that God has been and is faithful,” Schafer said. “I have watched him work in amazing ways, and I know that whatever the needs are, he has a plan. I wonder if he gets a good laugh at me sometimes when he sees my jaw hanging open in awe as I see yet another miraculous way he takes care of something we need.”
Schafer went on to note that there are plenty of areas that are ready for paint, and as painting gets done, they will install lights and other electrical items. They also are prepared to begin installing flooring, which is now on hand at the facility.
For a pictorial link to the progress of H15 Ministries, visit www.dropbox.com/sh/q0qbvlm3y2n1dxs/AAARl7WPbOV5KxbqJO_flUY9a?dl=0.
With the end in sight, H15 Ministries is quickly approaching the day when it will need volunteers who wish to serve in a teaching and mentoring capacity.
If anyone is interested in being a part of sharing their gifts in the ministry, they can download the application at

Published: February 12, 2018
New Article ID: 2018180209950