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Living life at 528 hertz: Christopher Milo promotes healing and self-esteem through the gift of music

Christopher Milo's exuberance and zeal for life and commitment to youth has driven him away from the glitz of touring the nation and into the arms of today's youth. Milo was a huge hit with the students at Lakeville Elementary, where students flocked to be around him following his assembly message.

Dave Mast

It is scientifically proven that music played at 528 hertz affects people’s DNA and promotes positive healing in ways that the spoken word never can match.
Christopher Milo is living life at 528 hertz, and he wants people to realize they too can live life in more meaningful and fulfilling ways if they choose to do so.
Milo is an internationally renowned pianist and motivational speaker who today travels the nation inspiring youth as well as doing adult mentoring. Admittedly, the guy with the Mohawk haircut and outgoing personality never dreamed he would end up where he is today when he first started playing the piano, first as a youngster and eventually professionally.
Milo has released nine albums, his music is played internationally in 47 countries, he has performed alongside some incredibly famous people, and yet when it came down to making a decision between touring internationally or devoting himself to connecting with children about the importance of being grounded and being people of high character, it was an easy decision.
“This is not about me,” Milo said. “I couldn’t be out there and be here [with kids] at the same time, and this is what I chose. I have performed with some big names in a lot of huge venues, but something wasn’t right. What difference does it make when you have kids hungry and being abused. I wanted to make an impact in these children’s lives.”
Milo had a pair of life-altering circumstances that helped shape who he is today. The first was when he suffered a massive back injury while working at a lumber yard in 1992 that left him paralyzed from above the waist down. Doctors warned him that he may never walk again, let alone sit down at a piano and play. He was devastated.
Yet he said his faith played a huge role in turning his life around, and because of that he leaned heavily on his faith when it appeared as though his days of playing piano were over. God provided him with a second chance and helped him overcome the odds, and he was able to prove those doctors wrong.
The second experience was when he met young 5-year-old Shelly Thornton while debuting his album, “Broken Strings.” Thornton had been diagnosed with cancer and was not expected to live. Milo said at that point he realized that when he was praying to God when he was injured, he prayed that if God would see him through his ordeal, he would devote himself to making music with great purpose. It was then he devoted himself to helping and motivating kids.
“This is what God has inspired me to do,” said Milo, who recently paid a visit to Lakeville Elementary, where he spoke to the student body during an assembly. “It is where my heart is, and it isn’t me but the gifts God has given me.”
During his visit the students were enraptured by Milo’s presence, drawn to every word. It is rare to see students flock to a presenter at a school assembly and seek out hugs and high fives, but at Milo’s presentations, that is par for the course as he reaches out and connects with kids in some very fascinating ways: through his words and through his music. He is bold, he is direct, but most of all he is sincere in wanting to better the lives of children at a time when there seems to be so much discord in the world for today’s youth.
Milo’s approach is simple. He wants youth to realize they are loved and cared for and that they have incredible value and potential that they only need to unearth.
His message is shared through a number of concrete building blocks, which are actually Styrofoam, each of the 13 building blocks providing a message of hope and self-esteem.
The number 13 usually conjures up thoughts of black cats, walking under ladders and all of the rest of the various ways people view being unlucky. Not for Milo. To him 13 is the greatest number because it is the basis for Milo’s 13 Messages, which is at the heart of his book, “It’s Not About Me.”
The 13 messages urge youth to inspire others, to believe in themselves, and to communicate, listen and be genuine. The blocks promote working together in unity, using talents, loving and trusting others, and being accepting.
While those messages are not new, Milo’s conviction, enthusiasm and genuine love for the kids help drive home the importance of living a life of character and sharing that joy and promise of a better life with others.
“It’s my belief that if we spend more time on these, we spend less time posting inappropriate messages on Facebook,” Milo said to the Lakeville student body. “If we spent more time on these, we would be less judgmental, and we would spend more time being nice to each other.”
He also let the kids know they were the reason he was visiting the school, just like he does wherever he goes, whether it is at schools or in his prison ministry.
“I came here to Holmes County because you are worth it,” Milo said to the students. “You are important, and you matter. All of you are leaders in your own way. You just have to go out and earn it.”
For Milo the whole idea of helping kids better understand the value of the 13 different character traits he promotes is helping them learn to strive for more than simply settling for whatever comes their way in life. The 13 messages are born from three decades of experiencing life. Milo said he has learned through some difficult times why showing respect for oneself and for others is so critical.
He wants kids to learn to work hard, to prepare and to pursue their dreams, just like he did when he was told by so many people as a youngster that his piano skills would never get him anywhere.
“Each and every one of you have your own story, and each one of you can impact somebody else by the words you say and the things you do,” Milo said to the students. “Your whole life is about choices. I see so much opportunity for each one of you. You can do anything that you put your hearts to. All you have to do is go get it.”
Through his music, his inspirational message and his desire to bring out the best in today’s youth, Milo has motivated, encouraged and inspired countless youth to take steps toward growing and using the building blocks of Milo’s 13 Messages to find meaning and to help them encourage each other along the way.
In Milo’s world there is no room for bullying, drugs, self-harm and giving up on life. There is just 13 opportunities to live life to its fullest, to make others around you better and to reach for the stars.
To Milo, that is living life at 528 hertz.

Published: April 13, 2018
New Article ID: 2018180419973