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New Grounds Café's breakfast fundraiser will continue its vision to connect with community

New Grounds Cafe has been a tremendous hang-out for kids, but it is much more than that. The cafe is perfect for adults looking for a place to unwind, and connecting with the staff and with others is a large part of what the ministry hopes to accomplish. An upcoming fundraiser will be held April 21 to raise funds for the nonprofit.


The television show “Cheers” had a theme song that talked about people gathering together “where everybody knows your name.” It was a place where people felt at home, where they could share their hopes and dreams and even their troubles and heartaches.
New Grounds Café in Walnut Creek may not serve alcohol like Cheers, but much like that show, they do serve up a healthy dose of encouragement, allowing people to connect in a safe haven where service is more than just about providing good food and a hot beverage, although New Grounds Café certainly does serve those things quite well.
In celebration of its 15th anniversary in God leading and making connections within the community, New Grounds Café will host a fundraiser breakfast and open house on Saturday, April 21 from 7 a.m. to noon.
The event will feature plenty of awesome breakfast food including pancakes and Dennis Raber’s renowned sausage with real maple syrup as an option and some inspirational live music featuring Liberated, Polen Band, Small Town Roots and the Martins Creek Mennonite Worship Band.
Since it opened its doors 15 years ago, New Grounds Café has been committed to allowing God to use it as a tool to connect with community, providing a safe place for families, youth and adults to gather.
The idea of service goes well beyond serving people at the tables with a smile and some great food. It also involves sharing and caring about those who come in through the front doors and allowing God to utilize its employees as a way of reaching out to everyone, welcoming them into the New Grounds' family, just like Cheers.
When it first began, New Grounds Café was designed to be a hang-out for the area’s young people. However, over time it has grown to become so much more than that. While it remains a popular destination for the young adult crowd, it has evolved into a meeting place for people of all ages.
Over that 15-year span, the café has been able to fulfill that commitment and feels as though God’s hand has allowed them to bless many, even as they themselves are being blessed.
As a nonprofit organization, the need to partner with area families, businesses and organizations is critical to the ongoing success of the café, whether that financial commitment is a one-time gift or a monthly gift, which is the purpose of inviting the community to join them for this special celebration.
“Life is not always easy, and finding a place to coexist and connect with others is not just for young people,” New Grounds Café manager Neil Hostetler said. “We have moved well beyond just a place for young people to gather. We truly feel that God wants to use New Grounds Café for everyone in our community. We want this place to be a light and a beacon for our community.”
New Grounds Café has consistently been a haven for many people who have found it difficult to fit in elsewhere as well as a gathering spot for many groups of people who have utilized the various meeting rooms to gather for business meetings, family reunions or simply to get together.
During the past 15 years, the staff at New Grounds Café has gone to great lengths to provide encouragement and to open to everyone with welcome arms so they can feel a sense of acceptance and family.
The staff even prays between shifts that whomever is working would be a light to those who enter, and they do it with kind, encouraging words along with the food that makes up what is a growing menu, and it all takes place in a safe, drug- and alcohol-free environment.
“We don’t serve alcohol. We serve love and fellowship,” Hostetler said with a laugh.
The upcoming fundraiser was designed to aid in New Grounds' effort to purchase some new equipment that they believe is necessary to take them into the next phase of their commitment to serving the community.
The immediate needs are a single-stage kitchen heating and cooling unit, a two-stage main dining area heating and cooling unit, a Dough Pro pizza press, and a double airpot brewer. Needs that will have to be met down the road include a Mythos Espresso grinder, new signage, an Appia 2 espresso machine and a 48-inch prep cooler. Other needs would include a CTX G26 pizza oven and a security camera.
The realization that a nonprofit can’t hope to survive without the commitment and support of many area businesses and churches is one that New Grounds Café’s staff and board understand.
Teaming up with area churches, businesses and families is what continues to drive the engine that allows the café to continue to pursue its goal of reaching out to people, connecting the lives of those in the community and most importantly to continue to glorify God in everyday lives as they serve.
Whether it is serving area youth groups or providing a quiet moment for a working mother’s group to connect and relax after dropping the kids off at work before heading into another hectic day, New Grounds Café continues to be a place where everyone can escape life’s rigorous pace, where friends can gather and enjoy each other’s company, and where great coffee and food becomes the gateway to encouragement and peace.
The fundraiser breakfast is an opportunity for those who haven’t seen the café for some time, if ever, and to see how it has grown. It also will be a time of sharing and of course dining on Dennis Raber’s sausage, and the staff and board welcome all to stop in and experience the place where everyone is welcomed as family.

Published: April 16, 2018
New Article ID: 2018180419971